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Join the journey as Mob Rock Records explodes onto the scene, highlighting revolutionary new sounds from rising stars in rock and other music genres.


Mob Rock Records has tapped into artists who have developed a new musical genre, dubbed by the Industry as Mob Rock. 

Reflective of current social issues and racial inequities, while quickly building and touching new fans in multiple generations, the Mob Rock Records label is focused on building fan interaction through social media platforms and touring.

Mob Rock has partnered with WhoMag Distribution and Sony/Orchard, and created a powerhouse tandem in the industry in delivering content to the marketplace through all digital and physical platforms.

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Test Human

The Flagship group under Mob Rock Records.  Test Human is currently working on several projects with music distribution scheduled to be heavy going into 2022, including tours and music video filming. 

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The Mob Rock records Team


Vice President
Coreleone The Don

Founder of Coreleone Records, Don's experience in the industry spans 20+ years as he has built connections and created segways to bigger opportunities for many independent artists along the way.

Working closely with Hicks, Don was able to make important introductions for Hicks, leading to increasing interest with industry insiders and ultimately securing a distribution deal through the Sony/Orchard imprint.

Sean Scott Hicks

Not just the President, Hicks is also an actor, artist, and writer, currently writing a screenplay for movie development.  With a history rippled with highs and lows in music and personal struggles, Hicks has re-emerged in recent years with a new vision to reestablish himself in the music industry, firmly believing that redemption is possible.  

After having served over 2 decades in prison, Hicks believes that, ultimately, anyone has the ability to change should they truly want to. 

Hicks has rededicated himself to family, music, and his television personality.  


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